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TAMC Young Artists Shine


Congratulations to our fine young artists! Art teacher Judy Browne receives the second-place award certificate for Elementary School Presentation from Kate Curtin, youth program director of the Arts Council of Moore County, for the art submitted by TAMC students for this year’s Young People’s Fine Arts Festival.


TAMC students Tulla Secrist, Addison Hagreen, Acacia Castrejon, Claire Eitel, Mia Janker, and Rylee Johnson received individual Honorable Mention awards, the highest given at the elementary level, for their work. To see what they submitted, click on the slideshow.


The awards ceremony was held on March 5, and art from all the schools is currently on display at the Art Council’s Campbell House Galleries (482 E. Connecticut Ave., Southern Pines), weekdays 10-5 through March 25 and Saturday, March 19, 2-4 pm. 

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