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Developing tomorrow’s leaders today!       

High Expectations For All

The Academy of Moore County creates value in the community by producing children who are independent thinkers and are able to communicate effectively, at school, at home, and in their community.

Organizational Assets


The Academy of Moore County employs twenty-seven (27) Highly Qualified (HQ) teachers and adheres to the North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards with an emphasis on a well-rounded traditional education.


The Academy of Moore County nurtures the academic and intellectual gifts of all children and allows them to succeed in a positive environment.  The impact is that students become confident and academically successful.

The Academy of Moore County excels in academics which show that:


  • Students’ proficiency ratings have grown to above 80%

  • Students’ have exceeded academic growth in reading and math

Need and Opportunity 


Over the past several years, there has been quite an increase of military families moving to the area.  The Academy of Moore County has become home to the children of military parents who reside in, not only Moore County, but surrounding counties such as Harnett, Hoke, Richmond, and Scotland.


  • We provide a stable and nurturing environment for students who have one or both parents deployed overseas.


  • The geographical location of our school has been essential in supporting many of our military families.


Projects and Programs


The location of The Academy of Moore County, which is in the southern part of Moore County, is fundamental for Military families who live in Moore County and surrounding counties. The Academy of Moore County is open to all students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.


Besides providing our students with an exceptional education, The Academy of Moore County also offers child care for our families, as well as the following additional, enrichment programs:

  • TAMC is a “First Tee” school, which is a global character education program that is implemented into our Physical Education curriculum.

  • TAMC offers daily classes in Art, Music, Computer, Physical Education, and STEM.

  • Extracurricular activities include: Lego Club, Chess Club, Golf Club, Tennis Club and Photography Club.

Our Philosophy

As a School of Choice, we realize that many public schools are not able to offer to their students the attention they need to be successful.  The Academy of Moore County offers students the ability to learn and succeed at their own pace, while maintaining the highest quality of education for young children.

Our History

The Academy of Moore County began as MAST Charter School in the education building of Christ Fellowship Church on Midland Road in Southern Pines some 20 years ago. With almost 100 students enrolled in grades 5-7, it was one of the first public charter schools in in North Carolina. In 2009 the school moved to its present facility in Aberdeen and expanded its curriculum to grades K-5. It currently enrolls 500 students. 


The Academy of Moore County aligns all curriculum with North Carolina State Standards. Teacher’s lessons are rigorous but focus on the learner and the learning process. Our teachers innovate and differentiate lessons to meet the needs of all students. Our goal is to develop engaged learners, problem solvers, as well as critical thinkers. 

The Academy of Moore County teachers and staff make every effort to develop the whole child with extracurricular activities that includes; Art, STEM Camps, LEGO Club, Photography Club and First Tee Golf which incorporates Nine Core Values.

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